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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Historical Accuracy And Changes In Perspective...

Historical Accuracy And Changes In Perspective...               10-22-2017

One: I arrived in Nebraska in the Summer of 1969 at the age of seven, not in 1970. Summer school and the Apollo Moon landing were a year earlier than I wrote of them in this work.

Two: I was not a big writer at the age of eight. I was much more a reader. This is the reverse of my current pattern. Perhaps there has been so much input in my past literary life that the synthesis of it all is boiling over, and must spill out onto pages. It started with a little online poetry in the late 1990's, and the dam has burst.

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Pertaining to item 1; It took me a bit to realize that I was off by a year. I was a child of seven and eight years old when we lived in Nebraska. I am now fifty-five years old. The events I am writing of happened well over forty years ago.

3: I believe that writing by hand satisfies the artist in me. I have always loved to draw. Writing with pen and paper is both visually satisfying and extremely tactile. The feel of pen and paper in my hands touches something deep in me. Also, I can create any kind of special character I wish with ease. There is no waiting for nagging software to update before I begin what I sat down to work on. I can draw an illustration without a mouse.

The freedom to zero in on one task is an incredible luxury of the human mind.

Dan Stafford

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