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Monday, October 16, 2017

Companion Notes For Letter 03 Dan-To-John

Companion Notes For Letter 03, Dan-To-John:                                   10-15-2017

I realize that the use of the term "Indian" to refer to persons of Native American heritage may seem offensive to a number of modern readers. It is not intended in that spirit.

These letters are base on actual events in my life. At the time that the events in this letter happened, I don't know if the term "Native American" existed yet. I certainly didn't know of it in 1970. I was eight years old that year. Such sensitivities did not find common usage until much later. I will not revise history. Doing so leads to forgetting lessons we should be learning from our past.

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Companion Letter 03 Notes...

I am aware that the term "Indian" in reference to Native American people was born of ignorance, and later became derogatory. However, I am fifty-five years old as of this writing. I had no such awareness at the age of eight.

I have a great respect for Native American peoples and cultures. I was given no say in the conduct of history before I was born. The use of the term is sadly historically-accurate.

Perhaps our culture can learn from the fact that it is necessary for me to write this note simply because I am writing about my childhood.

My apologies to any who are offended.

Dan Stafford  [Vulcan greeting gesture from the original Star Trek television series. L.L.P. P.L.L.
(Live long, and prosper. Peace, and long life.)

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